Your fastpass to US market entry.

Are you ready to successfully expand to the US? Apply to our 12-week US Accelerator Program.

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We focus on Dutch Tech pioneers.

Scaling up internationally is quite the challenge. We support Tech Pioneers with Dutch roots to successfully enter the US market.

For this reason, our Accelerator selects digital-first businesses working on innovative and scalable tech across verticals – with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) in mind.

Ideal candidates have reached product market fit in the Netherlands, are pre-Series A, have raised up to $1.5 million, are valued between $5 and $10 million, have a team of around 10 full-time employees and generate revenue close to $1 million annually. Scaling to the US in 2022 should be a strategic and deliberate decision. Any significant steps towards this goal are a plus. However, anyone may apply, we love an underdog with ambition!

Our key dates

January 10, 2022
Applications open
February 18, 2022
Applications close
February 25 & 28, 2022
Selection Days
April 11, 2022
Program starts
June 2022
US visit
July 1, 2022
Program ends

Your fastpass to success. A three-point plan.

We've been supporting Dutch tech companies for years, and know all the ins and outs of their US expansion. Based on that, we're focusing on the three areas where Dutch founders need to adapt to the US market.


Business Strategy

To improve your US business model, develop local product market fit and to sell your services in the US we will work on adapting your business strategy in the first 4 weeks after the 2-week introduction. During these sessions, we will focus on your team, your story, and your market knowledge to discover your US potential.

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The second part of the Accelerator Program will kick off with a 5-day in-residence bootcamp. We focus on your financial dynamics, runway, funding needs, and investor readiness. We will work on your deck, your pitch, investor introductions, and your exit strategy during this 2-week session.

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West Coast mindset

The key to success in the US is understanding and feeling the West Coast mindset. Each founder will receive one-on-one coaching and be assigned a lead mentor from the US. Aside from these formal meetings, there will be plenty of opportunities for fireside chats and networking sessions to get inspiration and interact with role models.

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Within our program you’ll visit the Bay Area.

The highlight of the program is a 2-week visit to the West Coast of the US, where you’ll be immersed in the local culture.

You’ll meet the movers and shakers from California’s tech hubs and create exposure for your launch. And as icing on the cake, we will introduce you to the Bay Area’s finest during the Showcase: The Grand Finale.

1 week
5 weeks
Business Strategy
2 weeks
1 week
Visit preparation
2+ weeks
US visit

ScaleNL Accelerator

ScaleNL is initiated by the Netherlands Government and the Startup Liaison Network in the US. We provide a platform, an academy and a mentor community, while also connecting Dutch founders with US investors and capital.

We’re supported by local entrepreneurial communities in eight US tech hubs. Our network expands from coast to coast, so there’s always an opportunity for your startup to take the next step. In cities such as New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other emerging hubs like Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver.

Get your fastpass to US market entry.


What are the costs each company will incur by joining the program?

The program is funded by the Dutch government to help Dutch tech pioneers scale in the USA. 

You will have to cover your own travel and accommodation costs when we travel to the USA for two weeks. We will provide some guidance in different types of accommodation, which should cover different budgets. 

We recommend having enough runway to join the program and until you can raise more funding, and having a budget internally to invest in your expansion to the US.

No other costs are involved in your joining the program.

What happens at Selection Days?

Applications are currently open until February 18th. 


Our team will select a shortlist of 15 applicants to be presented during Selection Days on Feb 25 & 28. 


On Feb 25th, we will show your video pitches to a group of 40 advisors and partners with experience in scaling to the USA, investing in startups, and building businesses. Although you do not need to be present for this, we will share a lot of valuable feedback from those advisors on partners with you.

On Feb 28th, you will pitch to the selection board in Amsterdam (timeslot between 9.30 and 12.30). Based on the input and feedback from both days, the selection board will select ten companies to join the program.

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