Your fastpass to US market entry.

Are you a Dutch tech company looking to scale to the US this year? Boost your efforts by joining our US market entry acceleration program.

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We focus on Dutch Tech pioneers.

Scaling up internationally is challenging in multiple ways. This program positions you to enter the US market competitively from day 1.

We support tech businesses working on innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions.

The ScaleNL Accelerator is an ideal fit with companies that have an established business in The Netherlands (product-market fit, solid user base) and have US expansion on their strategic roadmap for the next 12-24 months.

Get your fastpass to US market entry.

Three pillars of focus in your US expansion.

We’ve been supporting Dutch tech going to the US for years. Based on that, we see the need for Dutch Founders and their companies to focus on these areas in their US market expansion.


US Mindset Shift

The key to success in the US is understanding the way Americans build companies, do business, make buying decisions, etc. and adapting to level your playing field.

We do this throughout the program by connecting you to local American advisors & experts, Founders that are operating there, and taking you in person to the US to get locally connected.

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Go-To-Market & Business Strategy

Although it’s one country, the US is not one market. East Coast and West Coast do things differently and don’t focus on the same industries. The same even goes for Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The program will help you prepare your US market entry strategy and identify what to adapt in your business for your new audience. It’s up to you to make it happen.

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Pitching & Fundraising

Mastering the art of the pitch to a new audience is not easy. We’ve assembled over the course of the program top advisors and experts to help coach you through the process from delivery training to slide analysis.

And once you’ve become a pitch expert we help you naturally connect with new investors that could bring smart capital to your company.

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What to expect from the program

Our program is built around coaching from local American advisors, Ask-Me-Anythings with Founders that have done this before, and 1-1 sessions on your business with seasoned experts in the US market. The highlight of the program is a business trip to the East Coast of the US, where you’ll be personally introduced to the local ecosystem.

Key Dates

October 13, 2022
Selection Day
November 1, 2022
Announcement of Selected Teams
Jan 9, 2023
Program Starts
March 11-19, 2023
US Visit
March 19, 2023
Program Ends


Who is this program for?

The ScaleNL Accelerator is an ideal fit for companies that have an established business in The Netherlands and/or Europe (product-market fit, solid user base) and currently have US expansion in the next 12-24 months on their strategic roadmap.


Below are some minimum requirements that we look for.

  • Working on innovative and scalable tech,
  • Significantly contributing to a Sustainable Development Goal
  • Have reached product-market fit and have a user or customer base
  • Have financial runway for most of 2023
  • Are already planning to expand to the US in 2023. Maybe you’ve even taken some steps towards making that happen.


This program is for all Dutch Tech startups with US expansion ambitions!

This next edition is focused on the East Coast of the US, which is especially interesting for B2B, SaaS, Big Data & Analytics, eCommerce and AI focused businesses in the BioTech, Life Science & Health, FinTech, CyberSecurity, Logistics, Photonics / optics, and Food & AgTech industries.


Not quite there yet? Check out the ScaleNL Ecosystem Community, Academy and Events.

How many companies are selected for the program?

10 companies are selected to join each edition of the program.


From all the applicants, 15 teams are invite to Selection Day. Our independent Selection Board is made up of entrepreneurs, investors and experienced advisors. After Selection Day, they will select the 10 companies that will join the program.


Applications are currently open, apply here!

What are the costs each company will incur by joining the program?

The program is funded by the Dutch government to help Dutch tech startups grow their businesses by entering the US market. 

You will have to cover your own travel costs during the US Business trip. We’ll be providing accommodation. 

We recommend having enough runway to join the program and until you can raise more funding, and having a budget internally to invest in your expansion to the US.

No other costs are involved in your joining the program.

What is the selection process?

The ScaleNL team makes a shortlist of 15 applicants to be presented during the Shortlist Showcase and Selection Day.


During our Shortlist Showcase (virtual) event, we present your video pitches (from the application) to a group of 40 advisors and partners based in the US and NL. They have experience in scaling to the USA, investing in startups, and building businesses. You do not need to join this event, we will share the valuable feedback from those advisors and partners with you after the event.


During Selection Day, you will pitch to our independent Selection Board in Amsterdam (30min timeslot between 10.00 and 16.00). Based on the input and feedback from both days, the Selection Board will select the 10 companies that will join the program.

Check the full FAQ here

ScaleNL Accelerator

ScaleNL is initiated by the Netherlands Government and the Startup Liaison Network in the US. We provide a platform, an academy, an accelerator, events, programs and a mentor community, while also connecting Dutch founders with US investors and capital.

We’re supported by local entrepreneurial communities in eight US tech hubs. Our network expands from coast to coast, so there’s always an opportunity for your startup to take the next step. In cities such as New York, Boston, Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and other emerging hubs like Atlanta, Chicago, and Denver.