March 2, 2022
ScaleNL Team
ScaleNL, the new initiative funded by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, has just announced the first 11 startups to join the inaugural 12-week coaching program and Accelerator, providing each company with unparalleled ecosystem support for scaling to the American market.

With over 136+ applications from Dutch Scaleups, the winning companies have been selected based on their innovative strength, team, and potential success in the American market. For the first accelerator cohort the teams will connect directly with communities and partners in Silicon Valley (SF) and the West Coast. Startups who join the accelerator following the first cohort will have the opportunity to focus their activities in other key US tech hubs like Boston, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago. 

The first program will run from April to July 2022, which includes the first trade mission to the US in June. The program focuses on bridging the gap for companies between their Netherlands strategy and new strategy catered specifically for success in the US market. This work will include advice and mentorship on business model, funding, and acquiring the right team. The final companies in health-tech, media-tech, fintech, agri-tech and more. The selection short-list also contains 50% of startups with minority founders, expressing the diversity of the Netherlands Tech scene.

Bits of Stock

Bits of Stock™ is the stock rewards app. By building an ownership economy, this community of consumers and corporations is kept together not by demand and supply, but by a future of shared ownership. Kept together not by discounts and products, but by ownership in the future of our global economy and the role it plays in our posterity. 


Expivi’s platform uses a 3D configurator and Augmented Reality to help brands give their consumers an immersive shopping experience. With their technology, consumers can individualize products and feel empowered in their purchasing decisions. For example; it is possible for consumers to get a digital look and feel of products, pick colors and textures, engrave or include text, and really make the product their very own.


Givt is building the global giving standard in order to make giving effortless and fun so that you can make an impact whenever, wherever. A new app built around the needs of churches and charities and is already working with organizations like the Salvation Army and Oxfam. Givt creates this unique and trusted connection between you and the people who want to give to you.  


Lalaland’s platform generates customised and inclusive synthetic fashion models for e-commerce brands. A highly efficient workflow combines on-mannequin product shots with AI-generated model imagery. The result is realistic, ready-to- publish model shots at scale, created in a fraction of the time required by traditional fashion photography.

Momo Medical

Momo Medical improves patient safety through technology. This new tool provides caregivers with the right information, at the right time. The primary application of the device helps nurses prevent pressure ulcers by means of a patient friendly monitoring system. Because the future of good healthcare is all about people being able to help people.


Even for a small country like the The Netherlands, the hospitality industry adds up to 150 million kilos per year of food waste to the environment. Orbisk is on a mission to make the world food system more sustainable. Through their new innovative solution, they can help their customers to save an average of €55.000 per year. 


Qlayers is a high-tech start-up developing automated coating solutions for major industries such as storage tanks, wind turbines and ships. Their robotic technology enables coating contractors to overcome the limitations of manual coating and carry out maintenance projects using a highly efficient, safe and environmentally friendly techniques. In addition, Qlayers is developing a unique and innovative technology to print sharkskin microstructures on industrial surfaces to make them multi-functional. Applying these microstructures, for example, can reduce the emissions of ships and increase the energy output of wind turbines.


Founded in 2015, Somnox provides bad sleepers with drug-free and validated sleep-aids they can use to relieve stress & anxiety resulting in better and deeper sleep to experience more energy throughout the day. Somnox is known for the world’s first sleep robot that works by using scientifically proven cognitive and simulated human breathing techniques to accelerate the process of falling asleep. 


Syntho is a data technology organization with a strong expertise in privacy enhancing technology. Founded in 2020 with the goal of solving the privacy dilemma, this AI-based software enables the open data economy, where data can be used and shared freely and privacy guaranteed. Syntho offers privacy-preserving synthetic data to unlock your data and take away legitimate privacy concerns.


Xinaps delivers cloud-based solutions for the AEC industry to improve the quality of data and contribute to a more efficient and simpler building process. Through their flagship product; Verifi3D, they have developed a cloud-based data validation platform for professionals to improve construction models against project requirements in order to create and shares issue reports in real-time.


Scale-up in Residence


The BOTS trading platform makes wealth possible for everyone on all continents of the world. BOTS provides a global reliable source of income by bringing people, technology, fun and innovation together in one app that transforms the financial sector and society. BOTS is already generating significant revenue and traction in the Dutch market. 



ScaleNL is a new initiative to support Dutch Tech companies with unique access to the US market. A program which has been designed to fast-track their success; the organization and the ScaleNL Accelerator through their dedicated network of startups and over 300+ mentors, community platform, events, programs, courses, and more. The first Accelerator starting in April 2022 will select 10 companies ready to scale to the US market. For interested companies; you can apply to join the new online platform via the link below.

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