January 5, 2022
ScaleNL Team
The Kingdom of the Netherlands delegation includes 50 technology startups and 20 scale-ups in sustainability and resilience, AI, robotics and quantum computing, health and wellness, smart cities and smart homes, smart mobility and vehicle tech, data security and big data.

Returning for their sixth consecutive year, The Kingdom of the Netherlands, today announced the delegation of 70 startups and scale-ups that will take part January 5 – 8 in the Netherlands (NL Tech) Pavilion at CES 2022, the global stage for innovation. The NL Tech Pavilions are dedicated spaces intended to foster collaboration, broker valuable partnerships and introduce groundbreaking NL tech solutions that solve global challenges across a wide berth of tech categories. For the sixth consecutive year, the Netherlands will showcase its tech solutions for a responsible future. Preview the CES 2022 NL Tech Pavilion companies here.

“The Netherlands is home to some of the world’s most forward-thinking technology innovators who are creating responsible tech solutions, products and services that will help shape the future in sustainability, circularity, IoT, digital health and more,” said Gary Shapiro, Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® president and CEO. “We are honored to welcome them back to CES in 2022, and look forward to having them share their ideas and inspire an eager global audience.”

The 50 startups and 20 scale-ups feature companies solving global challenges including: sustainability and resilience, AI, robotics and quantum computing, health and wellness, smart cities and smart homes, smart mobility and vehicle tech, data security and big data. The Netherlands Startup Pavilion will be located in the Venetian Expo, downstairs in Eureka Park (Hall G, Booth 61928), and the Netherlands Scale-up Pavilion will be located upstairs in the Venetian Expo at (Halls A-C, Booth 50833).

“The Netherlands continues to pave the way and push boundaries by creating tech for a responsible future,” said HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy to and the Netherlands. “Our aim is to accelerate sustainable change in a wide range of fields, from climate change and clean energy, health and wellness, hyperloop and electric vehicles, data security and more. CES offers an outstanding opportunity for our 70 Dutch start-ups and scale-ups to connect with like-minded tech entrepreneurs, expand their networks and create new business opportunities.”

The NL Tech Pavilion companies participating at CES 2022 include:


  • Blue Heart Energy: A thermoacoustic technology that radically improves the performance of heat pumps.
  • Caeli: Worldwide air quality mapping and monitoring via satellites.
  • Circularise: Facilitates a shift to a circular economy by digitising and tracing materials across complex supply chains on a public blockchain without risking confidentiality.
  • Dayrize: A unique online consumer marketplace for sustainable products, with a mission to bring consumption within “planetary boundaries.”
  • Expivi: Interactive 3D and AR for personalized e-Commerce. (Scaleup)
  • Ferr-Tech: Sustainable and efficient wastewater treatment using Ferrate(VI), enabling reuse of water in industrial processes. (CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • Hydraloop: Award-winning smart, decentralized, self-cleaning greywater recycling products for homes, office buildings, hotels, student housing, sports clubs and more. (Scaleup)
  • iXora: A closed, immersive cooling module for data centers that ensures 20-30% power usage savings compared to traditional air-cooled racks.
  • Incooling: Cooling down the planet, one server at a time.
  • Leap: Allows every connected device to help balance the grid, and get paid for it. Access wholesale markets through a single API and help build the flexible, renewable grid of the future.
  • Nowi: A semiconductor company that specializes in the development of energy harvesting power management technology. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • Ocean Grazer: Energy storage system for (offshore) wind farms and other renewable energy sources. (CES Innovation Award Winner)
  • Orbisk: A fully automatic food waste monitor using AI image recognition that gives hotels, restaurants and cafés the ability to reduce food waste up to 50%.
  • RanMarine Technology: WasteShark, a floating autonomous drone that cleans pollution from waterways and collects water quality data. (CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • SenseAnywhere: Temperature monitoring solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries, including the safe distribution and storage of COVID-19 vaccines across Europe. (Scaleup)
  • Making paper smart and interactive by integrating sensors, printed batteries and microchips. 100% recyclable paper measures, remembers and transmits temperature, shocks and humidity data throughout the supply chain.
  • TXTOmedia: Automatically transform an organization’s existing, text-based support content into dynamic how-to videos and interactive media at scale.


  • AirBliss+: The most comfortable, smart anti-pollution mask for consumers and businesses.
  • Absolute Audio Labs: Powering high-definition audio hearing aids. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • AlphaBeats: An app that turns your smartphone or wearable device into a biosensor; AI-powered biofeedback signals enhance your favorite music — as you relax, music fidelity increases.
  • CAREANIMATIONS: Solutions for comprehensible medical information that helps care providers to provide patients with easy-to-understand and tailored information to improve treatment adherence and self-management. (Scaleup)
  • Crescent Medical: A head-camera built for, and with, surgeons that makes surgical live streaming easy. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • Picoo: Picoo One is the first game console to play outside, providing screen-free and interactive gaming for children ages 6-12.
  • Ivy Medical: A portable IV that allows patients free movement during their recovery.
  • Jawsaver: Smart earbuds to stop teeth grinding and clenching.
  • LifeSense Group: Digital health continence solutions using wearable sensors and smart textiles. (Scaleup)
  • Light Tree Ventures: Lumaflex, the first flexible, powerful, red light panel created to aid in muscle recovery following training or to treat injuries and chronic pain.
  • LoCoMoGo: The toy train that teaches children coding through play.
  • Neurocast: True passive patient monitoring.
  • Nostics: Instant, accessible and reliable testing for viruses and bacteria, including a three-minute Covid-19 test.
  • PitchPerfect: A smart sensor for baseball pitchers that acts as a digital coach.
  • PodoPrinter: SOLE, 3D-printed, flexible medical insoles.
  • RetinaScope: A handheld, low cost retinal imaging device to empower AI-based screening for Diabetic Retinopathy, Glaucoma and Age Related Macular Degeneration.
  • Scentronix: Creating one-of-a-kind perfumes for every human. Algorithmic Perfumery is the AI-supported personalized perfume platform.
  • Sencure: Enabling a new generation of medical wearables that are smaller and more accurate through chips and supporting technology.
  • Steambox: The first self-heating lunchbox to use steam innovation and smart technology.
  • Data driven team optimization.
  • Tover: Evidence-based game-system that improves the quality of life of dementia patients. (Scaleup)
  • TrueKinetix: Disrupting indoor sports using a patented robotics platform, enabling the best indoor experience of outdoor sports.


  • insmart: A single platform for all HVAC devices that monitors from the consumer’s home and improves service engineer efficiency.
  • PeopleFlows: Organize the flow of people using facial recognition to provide events with contactless control management and ensure Covid-19 measures.
  • Tekle Holographics: Customized holographic solutions for enterprise. (Scaleup)
  • Urban Mobility Systems: A developer and manufacturer of BEVs (battery electric vehicles) and electrification systems for construction equipment enabling zero-emission transport and construction. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • VideowindoW: Transform any glass surface into a transparent video display for dynamic glare control. (CES Innovation Award Winner)


  • Brekr: Model B, a highly customizable electric bike with a classic, rugged design.
  • Hardt Hyperloop: A world where distance does not matter — a 10,000 kilometer hyperloop network crossing national borders. (Scaleup)
  • Routescanner: Routescanner, the first global platform that provides insight into all routes for worldwide container transport and helps users to find, compare and choose the best options.
  • E-LIFT: Smart and sustainable charging solutions. E-Lift’s charging stations can be linked to any other smart hardware device or software solution.


  • Addoptics: Micron accurate and nanometer smooth 3D printing for high precision optical products.
  • Capte: IOT monitoring for the transportation industry. Now public and private bussing companies can make use of their mixed fleet effectively.
  • Dimenco: Simulated Reality – interacting with 3D objects in a virtual environment, without the need of any wearables. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • EZ Factory: A simple, visual software platform for factories to digitize procedures and improve safety and efficiency on the shop floor.
  • Hiber: The world’s first global IoT satellite network to help it to deliver cost-effective, easy-to-use products, including HiberHilo for oil and gas well integrity monitoring, and HiberEasypulse for asset tracking and fleet monitoring. (Scaleup)
  • Hyfen: Connecting the pension industry on a secure and efficient platform.
  • InPhocal: A unique, concentric laser beam that reduces the need for ink and is 2.5 times faster than printing. (CES Innovation Award Honoree)


  • Avular: Ready-to-fly drones and ready-to-drive rovers using a modular robot ‘brain’ and reconfigured modular robot platforms that allow companies to quickly and efficiently develop new mobile robots. (Scaleup and CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • BrainCreators: Digital Inspectors that reduce cost and improve consistency at an unrivaled speed. Human inspectors can now train their digital counterparts on our award-winning AI-powered software. (Scaleup)
  • EdgeLeap: Smart AI assistants working along with you to surface business relevant insights.
  • Datacadabra: Digital intelligence that enables you to work more efficiently. (Scaleup)
  • DeltaProto: Builders of the best pick-and-place cobot (collaborative robot) for proto PCB assembly in the world.
  • AI-fashion models with real emotions. e-Commerce brands can make their models as diverse and one-of-a-kind as their target audience.
  • LioniX International: A leading global provider of customized microsystem solutions specializing in integrated photonics and customized MEMS devices. (Scaleup)
  • Mission Control Lab: The creators of Inventure Kits (invention + adventure), educational STEAM boxes with all of the materials inside.
  • Morphotonics: Develops and sells roll-to-plate (R2P) OEM production technology for imprinting nano- or microstructures on extremely large area substrates. (CES Innovation Award Honoree)
  • QuiX Quantum: Integrated photonics for optical quantum computing.
  • SenseGlove: Force and haptic feedback gloves that enable professionals to physically interact with virtual objects for VR training and research purposes. (Scaleup)


  • Prowise: Touchscreens and instructional, adaptive AI software packages for education, business and government.
  • Red Kubes: A full platform experience for Kubernetes with an intuitive desktop-like user interface and ready to use pre-configured built-in applications to offer an out-of-the-box experience. (Scaleup)
  • Roseman Labs: Creates new data business models that transform how organizations handle sensitive data, with unprecedented compliance, privacy and rapid deployment. (CES Innovation Award Honoree)

Interested media and analysts, please contact to schedule an interview before or during CES 2022.

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