September 20, 2023
ScaleNL Team
ScaleNL, supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, has recently announced the 12 selected startups to join a 12-week coaching program and accelerator, providing each company with unparalleled ecosystem support for scaling to the American market.

This year’s Selection Day was hosted by our Corporate Partner, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. We are excited to continue to work with De Brauw and, together with our other Corporate Partners, continue to support talented tech startup founders with their journey to US Market Entry.

The winning companies have been selected from many promising Dutch startups based on their innovative strength, team, and potential success in the US landscape. Joining the accelerator during its third cohort, the chosen startups have the opportunity to gain knowledge, insights, and connections crucial for expanding overseas.

The program will run from October to December 2023, and includes business trips to the UK and US, allowing the founders to tap into international communities. Through working sessions, networking events, and mentorship the program trains the founders in areas such as business modeling, fundraising and product development and scaling operations. The program’s week-long business trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco will provide invaluable exposure to two of the most dynamic startup hubs in the world. 



Coolset is an integrated sustainability platform for SMEs. It helps customers connect their accounting in 3 clicks, compute results in minutes and work on what matters – from compliance reporting to emissions reductions, right within the platform.



Envision empowers people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information for themselves. Their software, currently accessed through smartphones and smartglasses, uses AI to speak out the visual world around the users. This helps them be more independent, work more productively and lead a happier life.



Voyc helps financial services firms ensure compliance and improve customer service by using AI to monitor 100% of customer interactions. Their solution, leveraging the power of AI, offers conversation intelligence tailored specifically for financial services. By recognizing the importance of every customer interaction, and in an industry where trust and compliance are paramount, voyc ensures that these interactions are handled with consistency and care. By monitoring 100% of customer interactions, the platform does not only help businesses maintain compliance but also gather insights to continually refine and enhance the customer experience.



Elfsquad is a B2B software simplifying selling complex products, specifically for manufacturing companies. The founders have built a next-gen CPQ (configure, price, quote) solution, that allows users to put all sales knowledge into logic. This revolutionizes the distribution channel of many B2B manufacturing companies, because sellers and buyers are able to configure complex products with no training, and without errors.



XLINQ is a high speed secure and compliant e2e application development leveraging automatic code generation from business knowledge as code. They help organizations in regulated industries, such as banking, insurance, government, healthcare, telecom, transportation, energy and utilities, to innovate faster by providing the right tools and methodologies to help people reason about the problems and let computers automatically generate secure and compliant software to solve problems in a more effective and efficient way.


Uncover Legal

Uncover is an AI solution built by lawyers for lawyers. By combining our inhouse built technology with OpenAI’s most advanced language model, Uncover improves lawyers’ efficiency and ultimately their profitability by reducing time spent on low value-add tasks by 60%.



eDRV is an enterprise-grade implementation for core EV charging technologies. It provides charging networks and fleet operators with assured security, governance, and resilience, eliminating the burden of maintaining these in-house. It connects with 100+ brands of EV charging stations, EV charging networks, electricity distribution utilities, payment gateways, and major auto OEMs via a single API.



Sharing is a circular economy principle that helps rethink, refuse, reduce and reduce products and associated carbon emissions, natural resource usage, waste and many other forms of impact that take place during the lifetime of a product. Peerby is a website that lets you borrow household items from others nearby.


Metrica Sports

Metrica Sports is an advanced sports analytics platform that empowers teams and coaches to gain valuable insights from performance data, no matter their budget. Utilizing cutting-edge video tracking technology and AI algorithms, Metrica Sports delivers comprehensive statistics, tactical analysis, and player tracking, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhancing team performance across various sports, and at all levels of the game.



Scitodate is an AI powered cloud tool to access knowledge and solve complex problems in Deep-tech, Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Scientific markets. Their AI tools extract knowledge from technical text from all internal sources or external sources, across the entire product lifecycle from ideation to commercialisation.



Innatera develops intelligence for sensors. It builds brain-inspired microprocessor chips that enable sensor data to be processed 10,000x more efficiently than conventional technologies, directly at the sensor.


Scale-up in Residence


Wonderflow supports companies in designing decisions with data. Knowing what customers want and what they need allows the implementation of strategic actions that have a real impact on companies’ growth.



These 12 startups are some of the most innovative and promising tech companies in the Netherlands. With the support of the ScaleNL Accelerator – West Coast program, they are well-positioned to succeed in the US market.



The ScaleNL Accelerator – West Coast is an immersive 12-week program designed to empower tech startup founders on their journey toward US market entry. Throughout our hybrid program, the founders will engage in weekly expert sessions that cover topics such as fundraising, elevator pitching, devising effective go-to-market strategies, and mastering sales techniques, among others. As the program unfolds, the entrepreneurs will culminate their experience with a 6-day trip to the vibrant tech landscapes of Los Angeles and San Francisco. During this trip, our founders will have the opportunity to pitch in front of US-based VCs.


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These 12 startups are some of the most innovative and promising tech companies in the Netherlands.
Group photo - ScaleNL West Coast 2023 cohort
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