February 1, 2024
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Meet the 12 founders of promising Dutch tech startups from the ScaleNL Accelerator West Coast 2023 cohort, after completing their 12-week US market entry program.

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πŸ’₯ About the Event

After 3 months of preparation and a 1-week business trip to Los Angeles and San Francisco, we are excited to invite the ScaleNL ecosystem of innovators, investors and partners to join us for the live showcase of the West Coast 2023 cohort!

During the event, you will have a chance to connect LIVE with the Founders and ScaleNL ecosystem.


πŸ“… Date: Thursday, February 1, 2024

πŸ•’ Time: 5 pm CETΒ  | 8 am PST | 11 am EST

πŸ“ Location: online, streamed live from Amsterdam


πŸ‘‰ About the Program

ScaleNL Accelerator is a public/private funded program that helps Dutch tech entrepreneurs successfully scale into the US market. The culmination of the program is a trip to the US where the Founders are meaningfully connected to the local ecosystem.

πŸ™οΈ The West Coast cohort was introduced to the key stakeholders in Los Angeles and San Francisco who can further open doors and help them access opportunities in the US market.


πŸš€ About the Startups

Coolset: Sustainable operating system helping businesses measure, manage, reduce, and report on sustainability by connecting their accounting in 3 clicks.

eDRV: Enterprise platform-as-a-service for EV charging networks and fleets.

elfsquad: Simplifying selling complex products, specifically for manufacturing companies.

Envision: Empowers people who are blind or have low vision to access everyday visual information for themselves.

Innatera: Brain-inspired microprocessor chips that enable sensor data to be processed 10,000x more efficiently.

Metrica Sports: Advanced sports analytics platform that allows teams and coaches to gain valuable insights from performance data.

peerby: Marketplace that lets you borrow household items from others nearby.

Scitodate: AI-powered cloud tools to access knowledge and solve complex problems in deep-tech, pharmaceutical, biotech, and scientific markets.

Uncover: AI solution that improves lawyers’ efficiency by reducing time spent on low value-add tasks by 60%.

Voyc: Helping financial services firms to ensure compliance and improve customer service by using AI to monitor 100% of customer interactions.

Wonderflow: Wonderflow: Helping enterprises turn customer feedback into relevant business decisions.

XLINQ: High-speed, secure, and compliant e2e application development leveraging automatic code generation from business knowledge.

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