January 18, 2024
ScaleNL Team
The Netherlands once again made its mark at CES, the world’s largest tech fair, showcasing a diverse range of 70 innovative startups and scale-ups that are tackling global challenges with cutting-edge technology. 

With over 110.000 visitors and thousands of exhibitors, including over 1.200 startups, CES 2024 was the ultimate destination for tech leaders and innovators. From industry giants to budding startups, the 2.5 million square feet of exhibits showcased technologies poised to transform our lives.

The Netherlands Tech Pavilion was abuzz with activity as over 70 Dutch companies showcased their solutions in areas such as mobility, sustainability, accessibility, equality, and inclusivity, all empowered by AI. The Netherlands consistently ranks among the world’s most innovative countries, and CES 2024, for the 8th consecutive year, provided a platform for Dutch companies to showcase their expertise in a variety of fields. 

The pavilion’s opening was marked by a grand ceremony led by Consumer Technology Association CEO Gary Shapiro and Prince Constantijn Van Oranje-Nassau, Special Envoy of Techleap, who emphasized the Netherlands’ commitment to innovation and its potential to shape a better future:

“The Netherlands has a storied history of pushing the world towards new innovation. The 70 startups and scale-ups participating at CES 2024 represent one of the most exciting delegations. Their tech solutions are ambitious, unconventional, and most of all, focused on a better future for everyone.” (source)


Take a look back at the CES 2024 The Netherlands Tech Pavilion: click on the photo to enlarge it.


Event Highlights

🏆 Dutch Companies Leading In CES Innovation Awards

Twelve Dutch startups and scale-ups were recognized with prestigious CES Innovation Awards, highlighting the quality and innovation of Dutch tech solutions.

  • Axelera – its game-changing Metis™ AI platform – a holistic hardware and software solution for AI inference at the edge – enables more accessible and user-friendly computer vision applications.
  • Doser – desktop 3D printer of final dosage forms that enables personalized dosing of active pharmaceuticals through a patented semi solid printing process enabling decentral production of medicine. 
  • Focus – the world’s first platform that can reliably forecast the technological future using advanced AI technologies.
  • – introduced PERISCOPE, an AI/ML-based decision support system that predicts the risk of bacterial infections after surgery with high accuracy and is completely workflow-integrated.
  • Ink Invent –  an innovative effect pigment manufacturer creating a safer and more beautiful world through RheoLight™- a strategic innovation in effect pigments designed specifically for the mobility and automotive industry. 
  • LV Energy – company turning noise pollution into energy through WaveHarvester Solid – the first electric energy generating product based on the sound wave to energy harvesting technology.
  • Mantispectra – produces Nibble™: the Smallest NIR Spectral Sensor module in the World for Material Analysis, especially in industrial process control, product recycling & circularity, pharmaceutics, and smart agriculture and next-gen consumer devices.
  • Naya Create – modular and ergonomic mechanical keyboard offering unparalleled customizability for creators. With its hot-swappable modules, users can tailor their keyboard experience to various workflows, including 2D and 3D design, coding tasks, office work, and more.
  • Sevvy (won the Best of Innovation award) –  a food technology company, which created a technology that enables healthy, sustainable and fast cooking & baking, while using up to 50% less salt and sugar, and 90% less energy. 
  • SlimDesign –  a design agency that develops consumer electronics for multinationals and startups. They created PhoneCam™: the World’s first low-cost, miniaturized AI bodycam. It provides personal safety by deterring & de-escalating unwanted behavior.
  • Susphos pioneering company that upcycles phosphate-rich waste streams to generate high-quality alternatives to fossil-sourced products.
  • Whispp – Assistive Voice Technology and Calling App converting whispered speech (people who stutter severely speak relaxed while whispering) and vocal cord-impaired speech (throat cancer, vocal cord paralysis, ALS) into a person’s natural voice, in real-time.

Check the complete list of companies exhibiting in the Dutch Pavilion at CES 2024, and learn more about the 70 Dutch startups here.


🤝 Networking, Collaboration and Exciting Prospects

The Netherlands Tech Pavilion was a hub of activity, with thousands of guests attending and engaging with participating companies, making new connections with potential partners, investors and customers. 

Among famous attendees, we could spot Stevie Wonder, popular musician, who visited BREGGZ Hearables B.V. and Sevvy B.V. at the Pavilion, and Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who had a meeting with startups Whispp and SLIMDESIGN.

To nurture connections, ScaleNL organized a Female Founders breakfast, which brought together nine inspiring female entrepreneurs from the Dutch delegation to discuss doing business in the US.


🤖 Setting The Stage For Future Of Tech 

Product reveals, launches and demos have been happening non-stop, giving a glimpse into what the future of technology holds. AI emerged as a dominant force across various sectors. The Netherlands Tech Pavilion alone garnered substantial attention, generating over 100 articles in international media. However, CES not only served as a platform for unveiling innovations but also fostered knowledge exchange through keynotes, panel discussions, and expert sessions.



CES 2024 once again demonstrated the Netherlands’ strong position as a leader in innovation. The Netherlands Tech Pavilion showcased a diverse range of groundbreaking solutions that have the potential to make a positive impact on the world. As the Netherlands continues its drive towards a sustainable and inclusive future, its tech sector will play a pivotal role in shaping the global landscape. 


The Netherlands Tech Pavilion at CES is organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency in collaboration with Ministerie van Economische Zaken en Klimaat and the Netherlands Consulate in San Francisco. Learn more about the Netherlands at CES Las Vegas here.

Through ScaleNL and Holland in the Valley – the Dutch ecosystem in the Bay Area, the Consulate General of the Netherlands in San Francisco empowers Dutch entrepreneurs and talent to innovate and scale in the US by offering a network, content and programs.

The Netherlands has a storied history of pushing the world towards innovation.
Netherlands Pavilion filled with ScaleNL team Dutch delegation and startups
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